Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has urged youngsters to feel "comfortable" in "their own skin".

Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine

The 36-year-old royal - who has two-year-old Princess Charlotte and Prince George, four, with husband Prince William - has spoken up about the need for young people's self-esteem to be boosted, as the annual Children's Mental Health Week 2018 got underway on Monday (05.02.18).

Speaking in a video to kick off the awareness week, Catherine - who is expecting her third child - said: "It is the time when we explore our personalities, discover the potential that lies within us and learn how to be ourselves.

"Our experience of the world at this early stage helps to shape who we become as adults, how we begin to feel comfortable in our own skin."

Catherine - who has been a patron of the mental health charity Place2Be for five years - says that it's important that the adults in the children's lives are role models in showing them how they can best "fulfil their potential", no matter what their situation or state of mind.

Addressing the eight out of 10 children who suffer with low self-esteem and attend Place2Be, Catherine said: "Some children will be facing tougher challenges than others, but I firmly believe that while we cannot change their circumstances, we can ensure that every child is given the best possible support to ensure they fulfil their true potential.

"This is best achieved when we, the adults in their lives, work together to give children the emotional strength they need to face their futures and thrive.

"Whether we are school leaders, teachers, support staff or parents, we each have a role to play.

"When we are open and honest with each other about the challenges we face, we can work together to ensure the children in our care have the chance to become the best version of themselves."

The organisation's chief executive, Catherine Roche said: "We'll all face difficult times in our lives, but helping children to have a positive view of themselves can help them find the inner strength and resilience to cope with those challenges."

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