Duchess Catherine's super-fan social media sites have been taken down.

Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine

The 35-year-old royal's fans have been left devastated after their online accounts, which celebrate the brunette beauty's fashion choices, were shut down on Instagram.

Janelle Nash - who ran a blog and social media account dedicated to replicating Kate's wardrobe called @RoyalRepliKate - told the Mail Online's Femail: "On Instagram, a targeted effort is happening to erase accounts of certain Replikaters.

"Already six people have lost their accounts with no real answer as to what violation occurred by Instagram. It feels very Salem witch trials."

However, Ms Nash - who has spent over £30,000 on replicating Catherine's outfits over the years - won't let her site shut down prevent her from sharing her look books as she has decided to start a new account and has simply added an 'S' to her handle.

She explained: "I always attributed photos I used, I never altered them, and I had grown to over 13,000 followers. It would be interesting to understand what is going on. Accounts who have posted and used the same photos have not been disabled.

"It seems a very targeted effort against certain individuals. We are very sad as we have spent immense amount of time and effort on this.

"To have it taken away with no justification or specific reasoning... we weren't even notified if we had done something inadvertent so that we could rectify the mistake."

Ms. Nash isn't the only person with a super-fan account for Catherine that has been suspended.

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