The Duchess of Cambridge should drink flat cola to ease her pregnancy sickness, a medical expert has said.

Duchess Catherine knew there was a chance she'd be hit with morning sickness during her second pregnancy

The 32-year-old royal - the wife of Prince William - announced yesterday (08.09.14) she is pregnant with her second child but she has been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which is a severe form of morning sickness.

Catherine suffered from the same condition when she was pregnant with her 14-month-old son Prince George and Alison Edwards - Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at Birmingham City University - has recommended the sweet soft drink as a potential remedy.

Edwards said: "Though there is an increased chance due to having the excessive sickness before she may well have an entirely different experience this time with little or no sickness. Though there is no 'cure' for morning sickness - and certainly not hyperemesis - there are steps that can be taken to try to settle the unpleasant symptoms.

"Though there are few sources of scientific evidence to support any 'remedies', making sure fluid intake is maintained is a priority. Flat coke has been found to help here as can arrowroot or ginger."

Other potential remedies include changing to a low-fat diet and wearing travel bands.

Edwards added: "Some women swear by travel bands. Small low fat meals can help and avoiding anything spicy. If the symptoms become excessive then medical advice must be sought as there are medications that can reduce the sickness and nausea; these do need prescribing however.

"Excessive morning sickness can make women unwell and certainly miserable, so plenty of support and rest are vital, especially if admission to hospital is required as Kate was last year."

Catherine - formerly known as Kate Middleton - is currently being treated for her sickness at her Kensington Palace home in London, and her mother Carole Middleton has been caring for little George while she's been ill.

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