The Duke of Cambridge is a "decent, intelligent and caring man", according to Mel Brooks.

Prince William

Prince William

The 34-year-old royal - who has three-year-old son Prince George of Cambridge and 21-motnh-old daughter Princess Charlotte of Cambridge with his wife Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge - has been praised as a "wonderful" being by the 90-year-old actor.

Speaking to PEOPLE about Prince William, the 'The Producers' star said: "[William] is such a decent, intelligent and caring man. He cares about people and he was so lovely. He's a wonderful guy. A really wonderful guy."

And the New York star has revealed William wasn't too shy on reciprocating the compliments at the BAFTA awards after show dinner, which was held at London's The Grosvenor House Hotel on Sunday (12.02.17), as he too praised Mel on his "marvellous career", and has urged him to continue being a successful entertainer, composer and songwriter.

Mel explained: "He wished me well and said, 'Continue your marvellous career.' And I said, 'And continue yours, sir!'"

Meanwhile, Mel has admitted after his uncle Joe took him to see his first ever Broadway show he knew he was destined for a career in the entertainment business and I'll be the industry he will "live or die".

Speaking previously about the light bulb moment when he realised what job he wanted to have, he said: "It was 'Anything Goes'. It was one of Cole Porter's greatest shows. Songs like 'All Through the Night' and 'You're the Top'.

"I was a nine-year-old kid. I was spellbound. When the show was over, I told my uncle: 'I'm not going into the garment business. The theatre is where I live or die.'"