Earl Charles Spencer was "so worried" about Prince William and Prince Harry on the day of the late Princess Diana's funeral.

Earl Charles Spencer

Earl Charles Spencer

The 9th Earl Spencer has admitted he feared what the "trauma" of walking behind Diana's coffin at the procession in 1997 would have on his nephews the Duke of Cambridge and his 32-year-old brother.

Speaking in a new documentary titled 'Diana, 7 Days', which is set to air on August 27, he said: "I was just so worried what a trauma for a little chap to walk behind his mum's body."

And Charles has revealed he even tried to bring a "stop" to William and Harry's duty in the ceremony because he thought it was too big a task and too "awful" for the young two to endure.

He added: "It's just awful. And, actually, I tried to stop that happening, to be honest."

However, the 53-year-old royal has admitted both William and Harry had cheers of support throughout the heart-breaking moment, although everyone was "wailing" and deeply upset by the tragic loss.

He explained: "You could walk for three hundred paces through silence and then somebody would start wailing and people would start really sobbing and crying out really lovely things to William and Harry."

And Harry has admitted he also remembers the sadness that struck all the guests at his late mother's funeral, as he has recalled filling their wet hands.

The red headed star said: "I remember people's hands were wet because of the tears they had just wiped away."