Princess Diana was a "real princess", according to shoe designer Jimmy Choo.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The 68-year-old Malaysian-born designer worked alongside the late royal for seven years until her death in 1997 and has praised her "good heart" and "down to earth" nature.

He said: "She was real princess. Down to earth, simple. Very nice, with a very good heart. She did a lot of charity, and left a good legacy."

Jimmy remembers the last shoes he ever designed for the late Princess of Wales, who was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.

He added: "The last pair of shoes I designed for the late princess was the flat pump."

And the designer revealed Diana was always very thankful for the shoes he designed for her.

He told Australia's The Today Show: "She was very down to earth. She never complained. She never said the shoe was too tight, or too big. Never.

"She always sent me a card that said, 'Thanks Jimmy, thanks for coming to Kensington Palace to see me.' ... She always said, 'I will leave it to you Jimmy. You're the expert.'"

Whilst it is not known what happened to Diana's designer shoes, Duchess Catherine has been wearing jewellery belonging to the late Princess.

London-based jeweller Milne - who designed the bracelet that Diana wore in 1989 and Catherine wore again in 2017 on a trip to Berlin - wrote on his website: "I am delighted to see in the national press that the Duchess of Cambridge chose to wear one of her late mother-in-law's favourite pearl and diamond bracelets on the Royal Tour in Germany last week. This is of particular interest to me in that it was designed by me and featured in our 1988/1989 jewellery catalogue ... This is the bracelet that Princess Diana wore on several occasions including at the Birthright Ball in 1989 and with her iconic Catherine Walker 'Elvis' dress in Hong Kong and has now been seen adorning the Duchess of Cambridge!"