Samantha Grant thinks Meghan Markle should help her father out financially.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

The former 'Suits' star's half-sister claims her dad Thomas Markle Snr. - a retired lighting director who worked on shows such as 'General Hospital' - helped her to kick-start her career in the entertainment industry, so she should repay the favour in cash.

She said: "Meghan's education, her connections in the entertainment industry that got her her first job on 'Suits' and even before then ... he gave her so much of who she is."

Referring to the Ralph & Russo dress the 36-year-old star wore in her engagement photoshoot alongside fiance Prince Harry, she added: "If you can spend $75,000 on a dress, you can spend $75,000 on your dad."

Samantha confirmed Harry is yet to meet Thomas Snr., 73, but believes the prince called him to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage before the flame-haired royal popped the question, because he is "respectful".

Speaking about why Harry, 33, and Thomas are yet to meet, she said: "We don't know why. I think with distance, time and schedules, it's hard. Plus, my dad had a bad leg for a while. But he's doing better now.

"He's working with a doctor to improve [the leg] so it minimises his pain and he'll be able to walk Meg down the aisle."

Samantha - who hasn't spoken to Meghan in 10 years - admitted the retired actress was always "well mannered" and "respectful" during her youth.

She told In Touch Weekly magazine: "She was extremely well-behaved and respectful. If she wanted something, she'd say it in a forthcoming, diplomatic way.

"She was well mannered, tidy and disciplined."

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