Prince Charles does "brilliant" impressions of 'Harry Potter' characters, according to the Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The 68-year-old British royal apparently loves to impersonate the characters from the popular book series when he reads to young children.

The Duchess said: "Sometimes, when we are with my husband in Scotland, he reads them 'Harry Potter'.

"And he does all the voices, because he is a brilliant mimic. I'm not very good. I try to do the voices, but acting isn't my forte. But he sits down and they all sit with him.

"I always think they are going to be wriggling around in the bed, but they sit spellbound."

And according to the Duchess, Prince Charles - who is the father of Princes William and Harry - is brilliant with children.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, the Duchess - who married the Prince in 2005 - said: "He's extremely good with children. They love it."

By contrast, the Prince found himself in the middle of an awkward social situation when he met Spain's Queen Letizia last week.

The Prince of Wales welcomed the brunette royal and her husband King Felipe for afternoon tea at Clarence House alongside his wife, but wasn't sure whether to kiss her once or twice on the cheek.

The Prince was seen awkwardly clutching Letizia's hand in a close embrace in which he looked to be eyeballing her, while the Duchess and Felipe were spotted trying to contain their amusement in the background.

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