Prince Charles may not be made head of the Commonwealth after he takes over the throne from Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The 69-year-old royal is set to become King after the death of his 91-year-old mother Queen Elizabeth, but although she is currently head of the 53 nations that make up the Commonwealth, the role is not hereditary and won't necessarily go to Charles when he ascends to the throne.

An official at the secretariat said: "It's not true that it's been decided that the Prince of Wales will be the next head of the Commonwealth. The decision on the next head will only be taken after the Queen's death."

The news comes after it was also reported that Charles' youngest son Prince Harry is set to take on more duties within the Commonwealth, and sources have said the 33-year-old royal's input is "very important" to the organisation.

The insider told the Daily Express: "They are trying to make sure that the smaller nations have just as much say if not more on certain issues. Deploying Harry is very important."

According to the publication, the source added that the prince will make the body "more relevant" by taking on further responsibilities to "re-energise" it.

The issue surrounding the future leader of the Commonwealth comes after it was reported last year that the leaders of the 53 member states had agreed that Prince Charles would succeed his mother, however it now seems they have yet to make a formal decision.

The next major meeting of the Commonwealth will be the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting - which will take place during a day's private retreat at Windsor in April - where it is believed that a plan for succession will be issued at the end of the meeting.