Prince Charles is "proud" of his son Prince Harry for his passion toward environmental issues.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry

Prince Charles and Prince Harry

The 69-year-old royal has long been a campaigner to raise awareness about the threat of climate change, and although he's worried he may have "bored" his brood "to tears" with the amount he has discussed the subject, he was pleased to hear his youngest son Harry has followed in his footsteps and taken an interest in the important topic.

Speaking in an interview conducted by Prince Harry, 33, for his position as guest-editor of BBC Radio 4's 'Today' programme, Harry told his father: "I totally see it and I totally understand it because of all these years of conversations that we've been having and I do end up picking your brains more now than I ever have done.

"So rest assured that all of that information that you have that I know can be incredibly demoralising I suppose because you are not seeing the results, yet you know what is happening, or you could see fifteen years ago what was going to happen today, and sure enough it is all happening. Despite the fact that we have had these conversations and despite the fact that I know how you must feel.

"Coming from a younger generation it is incredibly exciting and I feel optimistic about the future because now is a real test for, a real test for humanity to be able to swing that pendulum and say right in order for us to make our mark on this planet and in order for us to be able to preserve it then we have to A work together but B look after nature and allow it to give us those clues that you so rightly talk about."

To which Charles replied: "Well darling boy it makes me very proud to think that you understand."

And when Harry added that he was "listening", Charles claimed: "That's even more amazing."

Prince Charles - who is also father to Prince William - was also given a huge sense of "optimism" during the interview, as his son showed a keen interest in his work as an environmentalist.

He said: "Well my dear boy, if I may say so, the fact you are saying this gives me enormous optimism because I haven't put you off."