Prince George can eat a three-course meal every day at school.

Prince George

Prince George

The four-year-old royal started at his new primary school St Thomas's in Battersea, London, last week and, although he was no doubt nervous, he will certainly be well-fed during his years there as all of the kids are given the option of having a starter, main and dessert as well as freshly-baked bread every day at lunchtime.

According to, the plush school offers lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs, "BBQ" pork strips, tomato and avocado bruschetta, baked smoked mackerel, free range chicken with minced chili con carne and three bean ratatouille, to name a few, on the menu and every child has the option of a meat, fish or vegetarian meal.

Afters is equally impressive as the kids have the option of custard tarts and cookies as well as fresh tropical fruit smoothies and calorific milkshakes.

The school's website also states that it does not knowingly use "convenience or processed" foods, undesirable additives or hydrogenated fats in its recipes.

And it's the perfect place to be for children with allergies as it practices a no nuts policy and caters for children who follow gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free diets.

And, although he comes from the royal family, George - whose mother and father are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - won't be given any special treatment.

The school's former head teacher Ben Thomas said recently: "Our aim for him, as well as for all of our pupils, is to provide a safe and secure and happy environment where he feels supported by a kind and loving community. That's something we will be trying to achieve for him. There won't be any special treatment at all. In fact, what his parents would like for him, as any parent would like for their child, is they have a wonderful, fulfilling and private childhood in a place which is secure."

The palace has also confirmed that George will drop his royal title to make him feel as normal as possible during his time at the £17,604-a-year institution.