Prince George's first day of school "went well".

Prince George

Prince George

The four-year-old royal's father Prince William has revealed his son got on well at St Thomas's in Battersea on Thursday (07.09.17) and was thankful everything went smoothly unlike another parent who had some drama with her children.

Speaking to reporters at a reception for the England Under-20 football team hours after he dropped George off, he said: "It went well. There was one other parent who had more of an issue with their children so I was quite pleased I wasn't the one."

The youngster's grandfather Prince Charles also sent well wishes to his grandson and said he'd be absolutely fine as soon as his William left him.

He said: "Poor old thing. He's been left there to have to get on with it, when the parents go away.

"That's the problem. It's good for you in the end, I suppose. It's character building, I suppose."

When asked if he had any advice for George, he said he wouldn't take any notice anyway.

He replied: "Of course not, he wouldn't take it from me, I don't think, at that age."

However, he was anxious to hear how he got on.

He continued: "No, but I shall be interested to hear how he got on. At that age you don't worry quite so much about going to school as you do when you get a bit older.

"It's that business of meeting new people and wondering, you know."

Unfortunately George's mother Duchess Catherine - who also has two-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte with William - was unable to witness her little boy's big day as she is currently battling with severe morning sickness while pregnant with the royal couple's third child.

A message on the palace's Twitter shared yesterday read: "Prince George will this morning attend his first day of school at Thomas's Battersea, accompanied by his father The Duke of Cambridge."