Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Britain's Prince Harry tucked into a pub lunch at The Aviator in Gloucestershire yesterday (26.06.13).

The 28-year-old royal enjoyed a classic bacon and egg sandwich at the establishment, which he washed down with a cup of tea, impressing fellow customers with his "completely normal" behaviour.

Harry arrived at Gloucestershire Airport in a military Apache helicopter alongside three of his fellow pilots, and the famished group wasted no time ordering food at the neighbouring pub.

Pat Martin, The Aviator's manageress, told This is Gloucestershire: "We didn't know he was coming, he walked in with three other guys and they sat down and did their debriefing. He was very professional, and so were we, we just treated him as a normal customer but it was very exciting."

While the news of the prince's visit quickly spread via Twitter, Pat insists fellow diners were very respectful of the royal and let him enjoy his sandwich in peace.

She added: "We have quite a lot of plane spotters nearby and we served a lot more tea and coffee while Harry was here to people who had got wind of it and came in to see him.

"No-one harassed him though, we didn't take any pictures, he just got on with it."

Harry is in good company since action star Jean Claude van Damme and TV legend Lord Alan Sugar have both frequented The Aviator in the past.