Davina McCall wants to be best friends with Prince Harry.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The 49-year-old TV presenter is a huge fan of the royal and although she also admires his brother William, she prefers Harry because he is "fallible".

She told The Sun: "Literally, I couldn't love Prince Harry more if I tried. He's my kind of person.

"I feel like if I was to meet him, we would be best friends. I think a lot of people feel that way about me, that they would be my best friend if they met me.

"Prince William is a good man but he's not as fallible as Harry.

"Harry makes mistakes, we've all made mistakes and he is lovely."

And Davina has also praised Harry for encouraging conversation about mental health.

The 32-year-old royal has opened up about his struggle in coping with the loss of his mother Princess Diana in 1997, which saw him launch a number of projects, including the Heads Together campaign and the Invictus Games to encourage those battling with their own problems to overcome them and speak out.

Davina said: "I don't feel men are anywhere near where they need to be with the pressures of society. They need a lot more help to open up to each other. They need a leader.

"Guys need to understand all that stuff is OK - talking about feelings and having feelings... it's all fine."