Prince Harry was reunited with Nelson Mandela's youngest daughter Zindzi on Wednesday (25.10.17).

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The British royal and Zindzi both attended an evening reception in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the duo - who have met twice before - discussed the relationship between the Queen and the former, iconic South African President.

Zindzi said: "He said it was nice to see me again. We talked about the special relationship between my father and his grandmother. He used to call her Lizzie.

"I first met Harry at my father's memorial service, and then I bumped into him by chance at Johannesburg airport when I was on my way to my father's last resting place for the annual ritual, so this was our third meeting."

Zindzi, 56, is South Africa's Ambassador to Denmark. And she explained that Prince Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, would be proud to see the man her son has become.

She said: "Harry does a lot of work with communities and that is a legacy of his mother. She would be very proud."

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth has reportedly given Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle her blessing.

The royal recently met with the 'Suits' actress, who has been dating the flame-haired Prince since mid-2016, and the Monarch is said to have been convinced Meghan is the ideal girl for Harry.

A source explained: "Both the Queen and Prince Charles consider Harry's happiness to be paramount, and they think Meghan is a great match for Harry, and that she will be a really good addition to the family."

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