Prince Harry says the "sky's the limit" with the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

As the Toronto edition of the Paralympic-style games for injured veterans prepares comes to a close, the flame-haired royal has spoken of his immense pride at its success so far.

He told CTV: "The sky's the limit. It would be silly [to end it] as we have a social responsibility to continue this for a long as it's needed. The world needs Invictus, these guys [competitors] need Invictus, I need Invictus, we all need our fix. We all need to be inspired, we all need to be encouraged and reminded of what duty and service is all about."

And the 33-year-old royal feels the Invictus Games has been "on another level" this year.

He added: "It's been on another level. It's been amazing. What's great is how many kids have been getting into it and showing their support, that's who we wanted to reach.

"What people don't see behind the scenes is that there's been loads of Invictus things going on in schools across Canada too."

Prince Harry had previously revealed how the Invictus Games "changed his life".

He explained: "They've definitely changed my life. I think having a huge appreciation for service and duty is a life-changing moment. Anyone that has served in uniform, in a uniform, will be able to testify to that. Being able to wear your nation's flag on your arm or on your chest, being part of a team, respect, teamwork, discipline, all of things ... it's lacking in the world today.

"These individuals, people that have served, people that continue to serve, whether they be injured or not, are fantastic role models and role models I think everybody should be looking up to."

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