Prince Harry has been "thanked" for his support by an amputee veteran looking to set a world record by rowing unaided across the Atlantic.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Lee Spencer, who served in the Royal Marines for over two decades, lost his leg whilst fighting in Afghanistan, but he's determined to make the trip with the help of the 33-year-old royal's charity the Endeavour Fund.

Speaking to Harry, Mr. Spencer said: "When you go outside [leave the military], you think I'm going to miss the lads, miss the laughs, the camaraderie and everything that goes with it. But actually, it's the sense of service, sense of doing something that matters."

The royal joked that after completing the challenge last year, but with three other people, he wouldn't have to make small talk this time.

He smiled: "This is a massive task you're taking on, but you've already done it once.

"You've got three less people but you won't have to make conversation and you will get to sleep when you want to sleep."

Thanking Harry for his support and for changing lives with Endeavour, which he help set up in 2012 with his brother Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine to help the recovery of the wounded and sick servicemen and women, Lee said: "The work he and the Endeavour Fund do has made a very big difference to many people's lives and in a very real way.

"I will carry with me his words of support across everyone one of the 3,500 Atlantic ocean miles I am about to face."

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