Prince Harry has thanked the British public for helping to "normalise" mental health.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry

The flame-haired royal has spoke out to praise the general public and the media for helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health through the backing of the Heads Together campaign.

He said: "In classrooms, in workplaces, around the dinner table, between friends, and even between strangers, people are now really talking about their own wellbeing and how to help those around us. And while just talking doesn't cure all ills, we are now shattering the silence that was a real barrier to progress.

"We are grateful that so many in the media got behind the Heads Together campaign - you helped make it the success it has been. But the biggest thanks has to go to the British public. You embraced it, you engaged with it and you normalised it."

Prince Harry is glad that mental health issues are being spoken about now as a result.

Speaking at the Virgin Money Giving Mind Media Awards, he added: "I wanted to come here tonight to say thank you. At the beginning of the year, William, Catherine and I believed that the country was on the cusp of something special. We noticed that after decades of hard work from dedicated campaigners, people seemed ready for a different kind of conversation on mental health.

"Everyone was tired of stigma and scare stories around mental illness. And they were frustrated that it was always being written up in a negative way. They saw that their children were emotionally open in new ways that seemed positive and empowering. Finally, we were all beginning to grasp that mental fitness was an issue worth talking about, for every one of us."

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