Prince Philip takes charge of the royal's food every day.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth

The 96-year-old royal is a huge foodie and always takes the lead when it comes to deciding what he and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, eat.

According to Ingrid Seward in her book 'My Husband and I: The Inside Story Of 70 Years Of Royal Marriage', in the earlier years of their marriage, Prince Philip used to pick what meals they were having each week and reviewed the menus to make sure it was perfect for the Queen, who was out on royal duties a lot of the time.

When he was younger and travelled abroad on royal duties, Philip would bring back recipes from his travels for the royal chefs to have a go at. He wouldn't hesitate from visiting the kitchen from time to time either to see how it was being prepared and offer tips, having seen it done by the locals on his travels.

He also likes to cook himself too and often cooked breakfast for both himself and the Queen and he would always have his electric frying pan with him wherever he went.

His signature dish was an omelette and when the chefs had gone to bed, Philip was known for enjoying cooking a scrambled egg or even smoked haddock.

Meanwhile, former royal chef Darren McGrady recently gave an insight into how the family dine.

He said: "They would come in for afternoon tea by the log fire in outdoor clothes, and then they'd all change for dinner. They'd come down in dressy ball gowns, and sit at the table - like a 'Downton Abbey' dinner. All the fine china was brought out. At the end of the meal, a bagpipe player would walk around the table."