Prince William gave an impassioned talk to the England team after their heart-breaking defeat in the Euro 2020 final.

Prince William

Prince William

The 39-year-old royal - who attended the game against Italy alongside the Duchess of Cambridge and their eight-year-old son Prince George - addressed the team in the changing room after England were defeated on penalty kicks at Wembley Stadium in July.

Conor Coady - who was an unused substitute during the final - recalled: "Everyone was down. It was horrible. You had [Jadon Sancho], [Marcus Rashford] and [Bukayo Saka], who everyone was trying to talk to. The gaffer came in and spoke. Then he said, 'I've got a visitor.'

"I'm sat there thinking, 'Oh my God, this is madness.' Then William spoke and the way he spoke was incredible."

William reassured the team that despite losing the final, they'd inspired the country over the summer and that they ought to feel proud of their efforts.

He also showed particular empathy towards Sancho, Rashford and Saka, all of whom missed penalties during the dramatic shootout.

Recalling William's speech, Conor tole The Times newspaper: "It was about how much the country loves the team, what the team has done for people, and don't ever leave here with your heads down.

"Harry Kane got up and introduced him to all the boys and he went round and the way he embraced everybody, Rashy, Sanch and Saks in particular … it was incredible."

Conor, 28, admitted that sharing the changing room with Prince William - who has been the president of England's Football Association since 2006 - was a real "pinch-me moment".

He said: "[It was] a moment that will live with me forever. It was a pinch-me moment."

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