Prince William joked he's "not ginger" as he was mistaken for his younger brother on Wednesday.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry

The 35-year-old royal didn't seem bothered when he was mistook for Prince Harry during a visit to Manchester and instead joked about their differing hair colour.

As he was getting into the car, someone from the crowd shouted out "Hi Prince Harry", to which he quipped: "I'm not ginger."

Prince William was thrilled when he found out Harry was engaged to Meghan Markle and even joked that he hopes it will mean he stops "scrounging" all his food.

He said at the time: "We're all very excited, delighted for them both. Wishing them all the happiness in this very exciting time. For me personally, I hope it means he stays out of my fridge, it will stop him scrounging all my food he's done over the last few years ... It's a fantastic process to go through, engagement and then the build-up to the wedding, so they've got a lot of happy times ahead of them and I think they're very caught up in the moment. I wish them all the happiness in success in planning the wedding. I hope it goes really well."

And Duchess Catherine - who has Prince George, four, and Princess Charlotte, two, and is expecting a third child with Prince William - is equally thrilled about the engagement.

She said: "William and I are absolutely thrilled. It's such exciting news. It's a really happy time for any couple. And we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment."