Princes William and Harry will visit a memorial garden to pay tribute to their late mother.

Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry

The royal siblings and Duchess Catherine, William's wife, will head to The White Garden at Kensington Palace later today (30.08.17) on the eve of the 20th anniversary of their late mum Princess Diana's death.

A spokeswoman for Kensington Palace told the BBC: "The engagement will allow the princes to pay tribute to the life and work of their mother."

William, Harry and Catherine will be met by representatives from several charities supported by Diana - who died in a Paris car crash in August 1997 aged 36 - including Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Leprosy Mission.

The White Garden was planted at the Palace, Diana's former home, to mark 20 years since the tragic event, and one of the inspirations for the plants was the white "Elvis" Catherine Walker dress the Princess of Wales wore.

William was just 15 at the time of his mum's death and he recently admitted he didn't want her passing to "break him".

He said: "When you have something so traumatic as the death of your mother when you're 15, as very sadly many people have experienced and no one wants to experience - it'll either make or break you. And I wouldn't let it break me. I wanted it to make me.

"I wanted her to be proud of the person I'd become. I didn't want her legacy to be William or Harry were completely and utterly devastated by it and all the hard work and the love she put into us when we were younger, for it to go to waste."