Princess Charlotte has helped increase the popularity of her moniker.

Prince George, Prince William, Duchess Catherine, and Princess Charlotte

Prince George, Prince William, Duchess Catherine, and Princess Charlotte

The two-year-old daughter of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is being hailed as one of the defining reasons as to why her name has seen an increase in popularity amongst babies born over the past year.

In a poll conducted by the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Charlotte topped the list as the most popular name of 2017, where the moniker tied with Matilda as the name appearing most frequently in the newspaper's Birth Announcements.

Despite the young Princess influencing new parents to name their child after her, her older brother Prince George, four, didn't have the same impact, with his name coming in fifth place, tied with Alfred, Oscar, and William.

Speaking about the results, Susan Cole - who has been compiling the figures since 1969 - said: "Charlotte comes top for the first time since the arrival of Princess Charlotte. Matilda, surprisingly, rose to share first place, and Alice comes next.

"At the bottom of the list there are a few interesting new arrivals - India, Ivy, Olive - now ahead of the fashionable form, Olivia. Sofia is a very exotic spelling for England.

"For the boys, Edward once more leads the field. Jack and Oliver tie with a new arrivals, Rufus, and at the bottom of the top twenty areArchie, Hugo, Leo and Theodore".

The new research from the British newspaper comes after it was previously revealed that Prince George placed third on the Office of National Statistics' list of most popular boys' names for 2016, with the royal sharing his moniker with 5,263 babies born in the UK that year.

Charlotte, meanwhile, proved slightly less popular on the list of girls' names, coming in at number 12. However, thanks to the Princess, the moniker was one of the highest climbing names of 2016, with 2,596 baby girls sharing the title.