Princess Diana's campaign to clear war zones of land mines has been given extra British aid funding.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana

The late royal - who tragically passed away in 1997 when she was involved in a fatal car crash in Paris, France - championed the fight to clear land mines from various war zones across the world through her work with charities such as The HALO Trust.

And now, thanks to the Mine Advisory Group's Walk Without Fear Christmas appeal held by BBC Radio 4, the mission to rid the world of the explosive devices will now be given an extra £400,000 to help with the process.

It comes after a whopping £200,000 was raised in donations, which was then matched by the UK government's Department for International Development.

The whopping total comes after International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt pledged a further £100 milllion over three years whilst at an event supported by the late Princess of Wales' son Prince Harry earlier this year.

De-mining work is expected to take place in countries including Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Angola, where Princess Diana famously walked through a mine field in 1997 to highlight the danger to civilians.

Speaking about continuing the fight against land mines, Penny Mordaunt said: "Landmines have left a shameful legacy of suffering across the world, and the British public can be proud of their contribution to eradicating this hidden, indiscriminate killer.

"These barbaric weapons of war kill innocent people years after a conflict has ended, and have left so many devastated families mourning the loss of loved ones.

"The thousands that do survive have been left maimed and seriously disabled forever, unable to work, unable to feed their families and suffering from a lifetime of debilitating pain.

"Twenty years after Princess Diana's call for action resonated in every corner of the world, Britain is at the forefront in saving thousands of lives and ensuring that future generations will now have the chance to live without fear of being killed by a weapon from the past."

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