Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie may be able to bring her job back to the UK.

The British royal is currently in New York where she is working for online fine art auctioneer Paddle8, and the business' co-founder, Alexander Gilkes, says he is looking to open an office in London.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "We've got a guy over here right now building a team.

"We're opening an office in London at the beginning of next year. One of our investors is [artist] Damien Hirst and his businessman is helping us. [Art dealer] Jay Jopling is another investor who is offering us extra office support when we need it."

Eugenie - queen Elizabeth's granddaughter - is well qualified for her role with the fine art company, as she has a degree in Art History and English Literature from Newcastle University.

Whether the 23-year-old princess will want to come back to the UK from America is also in question, as she has been thoroughly enjoying her time in the US so far.

A source said: "She enjoys walking to work every day. She loves New York!"

Eugenie is said to be staying in a nine-storey apartment building in New York's affluent Soho district while in New York.

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