Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Artwork of Britain's Queen Elizabeth will be shown at an exhibition in Buckingham Palace to mark her 60 years on the throne.

In celebration of the queen's Coronation on June 2 a selection of art will be unveiled to the public in the Palace's Ballroom, which - as part of the Summer Opening in 2013 - will be transformed into the centre of the largest-ever exhibition about the historic event in 1953.

One of these pieces is a sketch of the monarch in her Coronation Dress by Norman Hartnell, who was the principal designer of all ensembles worn on the special day, and another of the late Queen Mother, alongside drawings of accessories.

A painting titled Queen Elizabeth II in Coronation Robes from 1954 by Sir Herbert James Gunn will also be on display, with further objects and clothing to help bring the atmosphere of the occasion to the modern day.

Robes and jewellery worn by the royal, as well as clothing worn by her husband the Duke of Edinburgh, will take centre stage, with outfits worn by both the young Prince of Wales and Princess Anne at the time.

The exhibition will be part of the annual summer opening of Buckingham Palace, which runs from July 27 to September 29.

Caroline de Guitaut, the curator of the exhibition, said: "The 60th anniversary of Her Majesty's Coronation provides a marvellous occasion to exhibit these charming clothes alongside the grand dresses and robes of the Royal family.

"The children's outfits help to remind us of the Queen as Sovereign and, at the same time, a mother of two young children."

Other mementos which will be on display include Prince Charles' personal invitation to the event, decorated with soldiers, a lion and unicorn by Joan Hassall, daughter of the famed illustrator John Hassall. Princess Margaret didn't attend the event, as she was deemed too young.