Queen Elizabeth’s favourite chocolates have been revealed.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The British monarch has a major appetite for rose and violet creams by Charbonnel et Walker, whose cocoa creations can cost up to £280 a box.

The firm’s chief chocolatier Adam Lee was speaking in ITV documentary, ‘Billion Pound Bond Street’, and although he initially refused to go into any detail about Her majesty's exact chocolate of choice, he did say she has “very floral tastes", before admitting the company, which was the first chocolatier her grandfather went to, does keep a list of royal favourites on record.

He said: “The queen does have a list of favourite chocolates with us. But I’m not allowed to divulge that directly to you However, I can just say that she has very floral tastes, which may become evident if we look at the chocolates a little bit later … But maybe we should start with our two most popular chocolates, which are rose and violet creams. I never said a word."

Charbonnel et Walker opened in Bond Street in 1875 when the monarch’s grandfather King Edward VII asked his favourite chocolate maker Madame Charbonnel to move from Paris to London. It remains one of the few chocolatiers to hold a Royal Warrant to the Queen, which permits the company to display the royal coat of arms on its products.

In the documentary Adam, also spoke about the store's history and the influence of Edward VII in bringing it to London.

He said: “King Edward VII, who is our current queen’s great-grandfather, his favourite chocolate was made by Madam Charbonnel in Paris, and he persuaded her to come over here. We are so lucky to have Her Majesty’s Royal Warrant. We have lots of pictures of the queen and the royal family around the shop, they were given to us by the palace.”

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