Queen Elizabeth is a big fan of 'Coach Trip'.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Brendan Sheerin, who presents the popular reality show, claims the British monarch likes to keep up to date with the programme, which sees pairs of contestants travel around Europe in a coach and get voted off by their fellow travellers before being replaced by a new couple.

Brendan told The Sun newspaper: "I've heard the Queen has it recorded in when she's away.

"It makes me so proud as I love the Queen. I think she's an amazing lady, especially all the good things she's done for this country. She's phenomenal."

The Queen is also reportedly a big fan of 'Pointless', having accidentally come across it when she tuned into the BBC News at Six early by accident.

A source said previously: "Her Majesty's diary always stops for her afternoon cup of tea in her private sitting room and it's now customary for 'Pointless' to be on the television."

She is also said to like political programmes such as 'Question Time' and also enjoys racing, 'Antiques Roadshow' and 'Antiques Road Trip'.

When she appeared on 'Antiques Roadshow' in 2014, she asked presenter Fiona Bruce when it was going to be on TV. When she found out it was August she told Prince Philip: "Oh good, we'll be able to watch it at Balmoral."

The BBC sends the Queen certain shows for her to watch but will reportedly slip in other programmes they think she might be interested in. The Queen is also gifted DVDs by the younger royals.

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