Queen Elizabeth rejected 'Star Wars' request to film in the grounds of Windsor Great Park.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 91-year-old monarch refused the science fiction franchise a chance to film in the grounds of Windsor Castle "a few years ago", Nick Day from the Crown Estate has revealed to the BBC.

He said: "'Star Wars' was just such a huge thing that the risk for the park was just too great. The location they were interested in wasn't suitable for large numbers of people. 'Star Wars' is a huge machine, and there's also massive outside interest. It wasn't right for here."

Whilst 'Star Wars' didn't manage to film in the park, there are some scenes from 'The Legend of Tarzan', 'Bridget Jones's Baby' and 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' filmed in the grounds.

Day also revealed around eight out of 10 requests for filming are turned down.

As well as being a favoured filming location, Windsor Great Park also has its own vineyard, where 16,700 chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier vines were planted across a seven-acre patch in 2011.

Speaking about the sparkling wine produced from these grapes, Tamara Roberts, chief executive of the Ridgeview estate in Ditchling, East Sussex - where the grapes are turned into wine - said: "As the vineyard matures, the wines will get better and better."

Whilst Julia Trustram Eve of the English Wine Producers trade body added: "It is fantastic to see another home-grown success. I have not been fortunate enough to taste any myself, but I have dropped a monumental hint with the maker that I would very much like to do so."

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