Queen Elizabeth has returned to London following her Christmas break.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 91-year-old monarch boarded a train at King's Lynn on Wednesday (07.02.18) after spending a month at her home in Sandringham, which ended with her marking Accession Day - the day she took over the throne from her father King George VI, who was just 56-years-old when he passed away.

Meanwhile, the Queen's 66 years on the throne was marked with a royal gun salute in Green Park in London on Tuesday (06.02.18).

The King's Troop Horse Artillery made their way into the park at midday before firing their cannons whilst the Honourable Artillery Company did a 62 gun salute at the Tower of London at 1pm.

For Queen Elizabeth, the anniversary of her accession to the throne has never been much of a celebration for her as it reminds her of how she lost her father at such a young age.

Royal historian Robert Lacey said previously: "She's naturally shy and is the opposite of showy. And, of course, the anniversaries of the accession remind her of her father's premature death. There is only so many of these landmark dates that people will want to mark. I'm sure she would rather people were asking why isn't it being celebrated rather than, 'Oh no, not another royal anniversary.' She always plays safe - and that is a good instinct. The Queen is always wary of the commercial aspects, and doesn't want to appear 'on the make' - though she doesn't mind if charities use anniversaries to raise money. She's got a well-developed sense of not wanting to exploit these royal anniversaries."

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