Queen Elizabeth told a naughty pony off after he tried to eat her posy.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The 91-year-old monarch has had a life-long love for horses but proved even she wasn't willing to put up with the animal's cheeky behaviour on Thursday (06.07.17) when she told him to "go away" after he attempted to whip the heads off her flowers while she was talking to fans during her visit to Stirling Castle, in Scotland.

Elizabeth then pulled the bouquet behind her back and, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, told the pony's minder: "They always try to eat the flowers."

After whipping the flowers away, the queen then offered out her gloved hand to pat the pony and his minder could reportedly be heard telling him to "be gentle".

The royal and her husband Prince Philip are in Scotland for Holyrood Week - known locally as Royal Week - and will spend the next six days meeting the public.

The pair's visit comes after Queen Elizabeth's son Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, recently wrapped a tour of Canada in honour of 150 years since the country was established.

During their visit, the prince attended a star-studded national extravaganza in the country's capital of Ottawa, where he praised the nation for its leading examples of "fairness and inclusion" that other countries should emulate.