Britain's Queen Elizabeth is planning to spend £40,000 on a new loft for her pigeons.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

The old home for the birds at her Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England is being replaced with a luxury one, which has sliding doors, ceilings and windows to ensure the birds benefit from the sunshine.

Much like Buckingham Palace, the bird's house is in desperate need of renovation and is reportedly falling apart with rot.

West Norfolk Council have approved a new construction, which measures 75 feet by 12 feet, according to the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

It will have 48 nesting boxes and will be fit for both the pigeons and the person in charge the upkeep of the loft itself.

A planning officer's report read: "The new loft will provide the estate with a modern, well-ventilated, easy-to-clean and spacious environment for both the loft manager and pigeons."

Queen Elizabeth has 200 birds, which she races and has won several competitions with.

She is also an official member of the Royal Racing Pigeon Association.

The manager of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, Stewart Wardrop told Mail on Sunday newspaper he believes it will cost £40,000.

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