Sarah Ferguson is dating businessman Manuel Fernandez - again.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

The Duchess of York, 57, is said to be "smitten" with the hunky 49-year-old internet tycoon after they secretly spent time together in Verbier, Switzerland at her ex-husband Prince Andrew's ski apartment - despite being dumped by Manuel in March last year.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "She is smitten with him, and while they have kept they reunion quiet, she has been doing everything she can to support him recently.

"She has promoted his business - an online lifestyle platform - to all of her contacts, and even asked her staff to help accommodate his relatives."

But Sarah's close pals are said to be worried that the relationship is more important to her than to Manuel, and is to blame for her spending the festive period alone and "miserable".

The insider continued: "However, some of her friends are concerned that their relationship might be a bit one-sided."

"Just before Christmas Manuel stopped answering Sarah's calls and messages - leaving her to spend a miserable few days worrying about him.

"He eventually got back in touch, but the episode is a source of concern, as he must have known that going off radar like that would upset her."

Sarah - who split from Andrew in 1996 - started dating Manuel in 2014 and the pair were spotted in public on several occasions until March, when he called time on their romance.

And while Sarah is besotted with Manuel, she is said to feel "insecure" at times because she doesn't know if he'll decide to up and leave like he did last time.

The insider added: "The last year has been a difficult one for Sarah.

"Her relationship with Manuel has never been a particularly easy one.

"They have mended the bridges burnt in March, and are very close again.

"But there have been bumps in the road, like the December incident.

"She loves spending time with him, but her fear is that he will cut her off out of the blue again, and that has made her feel very insecure at times.

"Those close to her just want her to be happy, so they are keeping a watchful eye on this situation."

A spokesman has confirmed to the publication that while they share an intimate relationship it is not sexual, and that the Duke of York is staying at the property in Verbier.