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29 October 2020

A day in the life of me by Jo Thomas

Life for me as a writer has changed very much since I had three children under the age of three and used to wake at 4am to get a couple ...
6 August 2020

The importance of food and eating together by Jo Thomas

For me, never more so than now, it’s about the table. My thoughts are never far away from food, what I’d like to be eating and where. During lockdown, this ...

12 December 2019

Seven things that make my Christmas complete by Jo Thomas

- It starts with the tree! I love Christmas trees and how their smell fills the house. It is one of my favourite smells and is what Christmas is all ...

11 July 2019

10 Things I'd like my readers to know about me by Jo Thomas

I used to go on holiday with cookery books in my suitcase. Nigel Slater has been everywhere with me! I love to visit local markets and cook in the place I’m ...