The Iconic Designer Shoes We're All Buying Second Hand This Christmas

Image by: Christian Louboutin

And yes - we're doing it on purpose! Discover how pre-loved retail site Vestiaire Collective is feeding our Christian Louboutin addiction right now, one pair of heels at a time. 

For some people, shoes are an after thought to an outfit; a simple finish to get you out the door so you can start showing off the real star of the show, such as a dress or coat. For others, the shoe is the outfit, inspiring a passion - nay, obsession - like no other piece of clothing could. And trust us - nothing gets a shoe-girl going like a chic pair of designer heels. But buying dream shoes from luxury brands is, for most of us, a serious investment. When you're taking the plunge, you want make sure that your money is going to be well spent on a timeless design that will go the distance.

When it comes to choosing the ultimate designer heels, Christian Louboutin regularly tops the most-coveted list. Worn by Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and just about every woman in Hollywood, Louboutin creates shoes for girls who favour style over practicality. You’d recognise a pair of Louboutins from the iconic red sole alone, but his elegant, classic and devastatingly sexy shoe shapes - such as the feminine and curvaceous Very Privé or the signature stiletto-heeled Pigalle - are what the Parisian designer is known for. However, our collection of Christian Louboutin heels has always been limited, mostly due to a price tag that’s even higher than his heels - until now.

Image by: Vestiaire Collective

By shopping in one savvy way, your dream shoes could be yours. How? By shopping second hand. With sustainability becoming an increasingly pressing issue in the world of fashion, buying pre-loved fashion items online is a trend in itself, with destinations such as Vestiaire Collective making it all possible. Parisian-based Vestiaire Collective is the fashion industry's best kept secret - it’s an online store that allows users to buy or sell pre-worn clothing, shoes and accessories from luxury designer labels at literally half the price. We kid you not - type “Christian Louboutin heels" into Vestiaire Collective, and you’ll find red patent pumps for under £50! But if you’re willing to shell out a little more, you’ll find Louboutin’s best loved designs - including the Bianca, Fifi or So Kate - barely out of the box with over £100 off. 

Below, discover some of Female First's best Christian Louboutin finds - available to buy from Vestiaire Collective sellers now. But be quick - as each style is a one off listing from an independent seller, someone could well beat you to it!

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