This Diet Brand Is Making Weight Loss Healthy And Easy At Home

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Ditching bad eating habits has never been easier - or more delicious - with exante's simple and nutricious meal replacement plans. 

It is no secret that many of us have fallen victim to lockdown boredom in many areas of our lives, including the kitchen. Whilst the first few weeks of working from home spawned an uplift in gymwear sales and veg-box deliveries, much like our New Year’s Resolutions, even the most well-intentioned healthy eating habits have faltered. But remember, there’s absolutely no shame in that. After all, with the boredom, stress, uncertainty and the sheer inability until very recently for many of us to venture much past our front doors, weight gain was almost inevitable. Luckily, though it may well have been the cause of putting on these extra pounds, lockdown is also the perfect time to shift them - and we think exante is one of the best ways to do it.

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exante, a savvy meal replacement brand that’s backed by thousands of GPs across the country, know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dieting. That’s why they offer a range of flexible healthy eating plans designed to aid weight loss and maintenance, depending on your immediate health goals. But wait, we know what you’re thinking: meal replacements are just sickeningly-sweet strawberry milkshakes and sugar-packed protein bars, right? Wrong! Each exante product is high protein, low carb, full of fibre and vitamin-rich, not to mention delicious and varied - think porridges, puddings, pancakes, pastas, soups, drinks and meal pots to keep things interesting. 

Looking for easy ways to shift the weight whilst you’re still at home? Here’s how exante could help…

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Backed By Medical Professionals

As well as being supported by the NHS, the brand also featured on ITV’s The Fast Fix as part of a study to see if a super low-calorie diet could send Type 2 Diabetics into remission. It did - working for four out of the five featured participants. Plus, take one look at their real-life stories - the results speak for themselves.

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An inspirational weightloss transformation with Exante from Karin!✨👏 . "I can remember looking for something in the wardrobe that morning and these jeans being the only ones that fitted me, hiding behind an oversized top and a pretty fake smile. I’m proud that I’ve made the changes I have not only for me, but for my little man and my little family. I love being able to move, to not feel like a sore thumb, to enjoy playing with clothes and just being me again 😍 . Candid photos are the best ones to compare, take life by the horns, grit your teeth and just focus on the end goal, it’s been worth it for me!!!" . Thanks for sharing @barks_gets_fit . #weightloss #transformation #weightlosstransformation #diet #vlcd #verylowcaloriediet

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Visible Results

Following a low calorie plan is one of the most effective and fastest ways to lose weight. It’s a simple prospect – putting your body in calorie deficit means that your body turns its fat stores into energy, enabling you to lose weight quickly. exante meal plans are simple and genuinely-healthy, as each meal replacement product contains 27 vitamins and minerals. The more intense 800 plan is a short-term solution best suited to women with a BMI of 25 and above, that’s designed to achieve the speediest results. All three of your main meals are taken care of with delicious replacements to make it as easy as possible, all whilst ensuring you receive all the vitamins and nutrients you need. 

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Flexible plans

If this sounds too challenging, you can follow the 1200 plan which allows you to have 1200 calories a day. With two exante meal replacements, 1 low calorie healthy snack and a 600 calorie low card dinner at the end of your day, this plan is designed for those interested in a steady weight loss. You can either order a 2 or 4 Week Diet Box or choose your own meal replacements.

Looking for something more sustainable on an on-going basis? Try intermittent fasting with the 5:2 plan. Consisting of two non-consecutive ‘fasting days’ (800 calories) alongside five regular eating days, it’s a proven way to lose and maintain a healthy weight, and improve DNA repair and brain function. Get started with a trial bundle of shakes and bars, or mix and match smaller snacks and larger meals, to your hearts content.

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There's Still Room For Pudding

When it comes to healthy eating, every little helps. If you know you have a sweet tooth or are prone to snacking, simply be more mindful of what you’re putting in. A lot of the time exante’s range of tasty bars and drinks are lower-calorie alternatives to your usual favourites - plus it means eating treats as an entire meal. Who doesn't love that? If you’ve been ploughing though ice-cream in lockdown, swap it for a shake. Terrible with chocolate? Convert to a Chocolate Coconut bar or try one of the cake bars from the new Coffee Shop range. Sucker for an energy drink? You’ll be pleasantly surprised with exante’s BURST alternatives, we promise - and they don't even count towards your meal allowance.

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