This Trending Oil Is The Latest Stress Buster For Anxious Brides - Here’s How It Can Help You Too

CBD is big news in the bridal industry right now - given it’s stress relieving properties, it isn’t hard to understand why! For all your CBD health and wellbeing related questions, Female First have teamed up with top trusted CBD oil brand: CBII.

As any newlywed (or fan of Don’t Tell The Bride) knows, weddings are stressful with a capital S. All the planning, budgeting and multi-tasking required has been known to transform even the most cool, calm and collected brides-to-be into major bridezillas, so it’s no surprise that the bridal industry are keen to discover new and ever more effective means of combating stress. The very latest bridal wellness trend making waves? CBD oil. 

By now, you’ve probably heard of CBD in passing but aren’t fully clued in to what it is, where it comes from, how it works or - most importantly for new brides - how it can help you de-stress on the big day. Sure, there is it’s association with marijuana, but trust us - CBD oil will not get you high. In fact, there is nothing in CBD oil that even has psychoactive or ‘mind altering’ properties. Instead, CBD offers only the soothing, therapeutic effects of marijuana and promotes holistic wellbeing. Forget any notions of controversy, in 2020 CBD has gone mainstream; appearing in everything from health vitamins and supplements to beauty products and spa treatments. Some use it for strictly treating mental issues (stress, anxiety and insomnia); others for physical (aches and pains or diagnosed ailments).

Intrigued by the CBD trend but still not sure where to start? Female First have teamed up with top trusted CBD brand CBII to bring you the ultimate CBD guide for brides, including what exactly CBD is, how to adopt it into your own pre-wedding routine and which dosage is right for you. 

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Where does CBD come from?

CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the Cannabis sativa L. plant. It doesn’t contain the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) component of cannabis so you won’t feel any mind-altering effects or ‘high’ when using it.

How is CBD oil made?

Once the CBD compounds are extracted from the cannabis plant, they are then diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed.

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How can CBD oil help with wedding stress?

CBD has intense calming, pain and stress-relieving properties, meaning it’s perfect for those who suffer from anxiety, sleep issues or - for like new brides - are going through a particularly stressful period. It is also rich in amino acids and vitamins and is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory benefits, meaning it has also been used to treat aches, pains and ailments; from migraines to endometriosis.

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Where should I buy my CBD oil from?

The CBD market is quickly getting crowded with products so it can be more than a little overwhelming. Our advice is to look for CBD products that are ‘full spectrum’, meaning they contain the complete CBD extract for a fuller, more potent experience. 

For ‘full spectrum’ products you can trust, we love CBII - they make the science behind CBD simple and create high quality, consistent products that give back. Sourced in Switzerland and bottled in the UK, CBII’s oil is made from non-GMO hemp plants, a clean and sustainable extraction method, are housed in recyclable packaging and have a third-party Certificate of Analysis. 

Female First's top CBD brand 2020: CBII

 CBII products are ‘full spectrum’: they contain the complete CBD extract which intensifys CBD’s calming and antioxidant properties.

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How do I take CBD oil?

If you’re new to CBD and worried about how to take it, don’t be - CBII offer a helpful dosage indicator for beginners. Namely, they suggest you take CBD oil orally, putting a number of drops under your tongue; the number of drops relates to the strength of oil you take.

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Which CBD oil strength should I use?

As with any other supplements, the higher the strength of CBD oil you take relates to how potent its effects are. It is recommended that CBD newcomers should start with a lower dosage of 10mg per mL before moving up to 20mg of CBD per mL and finally 50mg per mL, the last of which is ideal for anyone looking for a stronger dose. 

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