This could be the final straw for traditional, standalone GPS devices as Google Maps will now let you use Maps on Android while in offline mode.

Google Maps

Google Maps

This feature should benefit people who have limited data access or expensive internet charges but some experts are noting how budget-phone owners might not find this as useful.

"Entry-level Android smartphones sometimes only have four gigabytes of onboard storage, making it a precious resource," commented Ben Wood from CCS Insight. "So some users may find using map downloads limits what else they can do with their device - but to be honest that's one small negative in a sea of positives about this update."

Offline mode works by downloading specific map areas that the user has selected to their device. Google has said that Greater London would take up around 380MB while San Francisco Bay will require 200MB.

Currently, this new feature is only available for the Android version of Maps, with the iOS version coming out "very soon".