As more airlines unbundle their services, adding fees for amenities that were once free, booking a flight has become a more complicated task, one that Expedia plans to make easier.

Booking a flight

Booking a flight

"The airlines over the past seven years have created ancillary products," Greg Schulz, senior vice president of global tour and transport at Expedia, told Mashable.

"They've essentially started selling separately what used to be included in the price, and every airline does it a bit differently."

Travel booking site Expedia has announced plans to offer all airfare information in one place, from baggage costs to seat selection fees to in-flight snacks, allowing travellers to choose the flight that is right for them.

Expedia wants to provide customers with a "comprehensive comparison marketplace for flights," said Mr Schulz.

"We will show you what the cheapest option is, but similar to what we do with hotels, we'll show you the variations on that option," Schulz told Mashable.

"How big is the seat, is there Wi-Fi, is there food on the flight - all of these are variables that travellers want to consider in their air search," he said.

Although this information is available online, Expedia wants to put everything in one place. The company is also developing other products and features, including plans to expand its price trends tool and improve its price predictions, as well as further developing its Scratchpad tool, which allows customers to save their travel searches.