Russia has reportedly vowed to continue slowing down the Twitter mobile app.

Russia's Twitter war rages on

Russia's Twitter war rages on

According to state communications regulator Roskomnadzor, Moscow will interrupt usage of the micro-blogging site in the country until illegal posts, which it states include child pornography, drugs, and more are banned.

Twitter has profusely denied all claims that such content is being used on its platform.

The moderation has been in place since March, although the restrictions were improved on fixed networks in May.

Twitter has been fined 38.4 million roubles ($511,900) in 2021 so far.

It's claimed that 90 per cent of the posts in question have been removed.

Roskomnadzor told Reuters: "As of now, 761 undeleted posts remain.

"The condition for lifting the access restriction on mobile devices is that Twitter completely removes banned materials detected by Roskomnadzor."

However, Alphabet's Google and Facebook look set to face further fines.

The regulator added: "We also reiterate that the social network Twitter has been repeatedly found guilty by a Russian court of committing administrative offences."

Twitter, Google and Facebook have not commented on the claims.

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