Tinie Tempah has designed a digital jacket for The Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection.

Tinie Tempah in his digital jacket

Tinie Tempah in his digital jacket

The 'Pass Out' hitmaker has contributed The Duke Puffer to the 12-piece unisex virtual fashion collection, with Bettina Looney, Radam Ridwan, Sophie Butler, Jack Guinness and Kyle De’Volle also among those to create a piece to the range.

Explaining his inspiration, Tinie said: "As we continue to embrace this tech-based world, we are constantly online and reliant on WiFi, 5G and radio waves. I wanted to design a jacket that doubled up as a protector from these elements, whilst being stylish and practical.

"When designing my garment I used the Pixel 6 to scan objects like furniture, industrial equipment and clothing to understand how things were produced, which helped inform my ideas and inspiration.

"We already have avatars and online versions of ourselves so it's amazing to be able to have virtual outfits too. I’ve really enjoyed exploring the endless possibilities of technology and our phones with Google Pixel.”

The carbon-neutral collection was developed in partnership with The Fabricant and DRESSX to showcase the customisation offered by the new Google Pixel 6 phone and the sustainable virtual garments can be used on images and online personas.

Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, DRESSX Founders said: "DRESSX is proud to collaborate with Google Pixel, The Fabricant, and The Pixel 6 in our mission to embrace the future of fashion technology and make digital clothing accessible to everyone at the click of a button on their mobile devices.

"Being early pioneers in the digital fashion field, we are excited to see one of the biggest and the most influential companies in the world passionately supporting the digital fashion movement, enabling freedom of self-expression and celebrating individuality by launching the unique Pixel 6: Material You Collection.

"We see the collection as the next major step towards an immersive, accessible, and sustainable future of fashion, and at DRESSX we are proud to be building it alongside one of the most advanced companies in the field."

To get your hands on a limited piece from the Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection, visit http://pixel6.dressx.com/

Choose a garment from the collection, upload a photo and it will be sent back with you dressed in tour item ready to use in online profiles - and be shared with the hashtag #TeamPixel.

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