Apocalypse - where will you be?

Apocalypse - where will you be?

With just days to go before the end of the world – if the Mayan prophecy is to be believed – many people all over the planet are getting ready for the end of days.

For those who haven’t prepared, Wimdu.co.uk has its very own ‘accommodation for Armageddon’, with a special group of properties to protect you from all situations. Whether it’s floods, fire, plagues, zombies or aliens, Wimdu.co.uk has the property for you.

Arne Bleckwenn, founder and CEO of Wimdu says: “As we get closer to December 21, it’s understandable that people are getting nervous about the end of the world so we thought we’d prepare a hit list of perfect places to stay. While some people may find it a little unusual, at Wimdu.co.uk we think it’s better to be prepared!”

Star CastleFor those expecting a ‘28 Days Later’ style zombie invasion, the Star Castle is an A* choice for Armageddon. Built in 1593 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, Star Castle on the Isle of Scilly is the first line in defence. Boasting spectacular ocean views, this fort has its own dungeon – now a fully stocked bar – a moat and even its own defensive cannons.

For more information, visit www.wimdu.co.uk/ofers/3E9K20OY 

The Harlingen LifeboatIf Biblical floods are on the cards then a lifeboat is the perfect choice for survival. This opulent vessel moored in the Netherlands comes complete with swivel armchairs, table and central heating. There is even a VHF radio-telephone to help you speak with any remaining survivors, DVD player, tuner/CD-unit, Quooker boiling water tap, wind speed and direction meters and minibar. The Harlingen Lifeboat is the luxurious option for Armageddon.

For more information, visit www.wimdu.c.uk/offers/5XCR1T60

Mine SuiteConcerned that 21 December will usher in a new ice age? Wimdu.co.uk has properties close to the centre of the earth. At 155m below ground level, this mine suite in Sala, Sweden is the deepest in the world. Kept at 18C, guests communicate with staff via intercom - no mobile phone reception here. 

For more information, visit www.wimdu.co.uk/offers/4PMNBKSK 

BunkerExpecting a nuclear apocalypse? This Brentwood nuclear bunker is the choice for you. Initially a civil defense centre, the bunker was designed for up to 600 military and civilian personnel, possibly even the Prime Minister to make decisions for the country in the event of nuclear war. If the end of the world does take place, there’ll be more than enough room for your friends, family and more.

Brentwood bunker spokesperson, Mike Parrish said: "We've had a lot more requests for the bunker in the run up to "Doomsday", as people seem to really believe in it! In fact, we've had a lot of requests from people wanting to party the night away on their last night on earth!"

For more information, visit www.wimdu.co.uk/offers/3TH4QQHP 

Tree houseIf escaping to the trees appeals to you, Tree Sparrow House near Falmouth Bay, Cornwall, should be ideal.

Close to Porthallow Beach, the tree house kitchen has a two burner hob and grill and cold box for cool storage. A great choice for keeping you self-sufficient in harder times, the tree house also has crockery, pots and pans as well as a wash basin, cold water tap and composting toilet!

For more information, visit www.wimdu.co.uk/offers/5RF6PBFT

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