Postcard beach views from your living room

Postcard beach views from your living room

Google revolutionised travel with its satellite images and user ability of navigating the globe. Check out some of the best seascapes from around the world - all found using Street View.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

This small island sits just off Cancun in the Caribbean Sea and is popular for day trips from the Mexican mainland. Over the years the island has been perfected for tourists, offering a selection of restaurants and a number of activities in the surrounding coral reef. The aqua coloured, shallow waters with the resting boats and wooden footbridge perfectly sum up the expectations of a tropical island.

Svalbard, Norway

From the red hot to the bitter cold, Svalbard is a Norweigen island that sits between mainland Europe and the North Pole and drops down to around 16 degrees celsius during the winter. There are many places where the Google Street View team have yet to capture data, so why they travelled to such a remote island, so far north is a bit of a mystery. It’s a good job they did however, otherwise many of us would never see some of the breathtaking views it has on offer.

Whitehaven, England

From the bitter cold to the distinctly average temperatures of England. Although the weather may not be the country’s best asset, there is no denying that it still has some great coastline, with tons of history. This small port town, based in Cumbria, became infamous for shootings in 2010, when taxi driver Derrick Bird killed 12 people. Unfortunately, this picturesque coastal town has become synonymous with the tragic events, but is nevertheless a beautiful sight. 

Tel Aviv, Isreal

Israel's second major city is one of the most popular on the continent and is quickly becoming a major tourist destination in a rapidly expanding area. Facing out onto the Israeli Mediterranean coast, the city is blessed with warm waters and perfect blue skies - even through the winter, although it does get quite stuffy. The city’s strong influence in the technology and scientific research industries means that many of the residents are affluent - something which is reflected in the city’s lifestyle and culture.

Majorca, Spain

Spain is the holiday capital of Europe and particularly popular with British holidaymakers. With hot, sunny summers, magnificent beaches and great prices, the small island continues to attract numbers year after year. Located South West of the Spanish mainland, Majorca floats in the Mediterranean Sea with neighbouring islands, Ibiza and Menorca.

Port Denison, Australia

Around 230 miles north of Perth, Port Denison is located on Australia’s west coast. While the town is somewhat quiet, its position on the map offers sumptuous waters and glorious weather. Although the waters are wonderful, they are more often used for fishing rather than swimming as many of the reefs contain a number of species of sharks, including the iconic Hammerhead.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand’s largest island is one of the most popular places in the country. This seascape was taken in Rawai - a popular starting point for island hopping - on the South East of the island. A unique atmosphere, tropical temperatures, low prices and perfect views like this have made Thailand one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet.

Hout Bay, South Africa

This small sub area of Cape Town is famous for its fishing. In fact, fishing is the only real thing that goes on, but this does provide the area with a number of good restaurants and pubs serving great quality seafood. The area is popular with tourists looking for a more relaxing visit to Cape, while still offering easy access to the busy city.

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