Is this you on holiday?

Is this you on holiday? have found that cruisers are often drunk for the duration of their holiday, and why not? We take a look at the top eight reasons why it’s ok to splurge when you are at sea!


All Inclusive booking- It’s not costing anymore to have drinks- when normally you have to budget this in as part of your holiday- so having a few more is not going to hurt the bank balance!

Drinking before midday- There is none telling you that you can’t- or that it will affect your concentration, or anything you need to be doing that requires you to be sober- what better time to kick back with a Malibu and coke?

Cocktails- They are not normally your drink of choice because they are expensive and take time to make. So when you are at a busy bar the last thing you want is to be stood around waiting for your tipple. On holiday the pace of life is different, so a long cocktail by the beach fits in with your new way of being.

Liqueur coffee- A coffee at breakfast? Why not make it a liqueur coffee? Not only are you getting the caffeine rush- you are also starting the day feeling very relaxed!

No driving- You are not in charge of the movement of anything but yourself- so there is no danger that you will harm anyone in your tipsy state. You might be the designated driver for the rest of the year- so why not take advantage on the one time that you’re not?

You’re finally off the diet- You have abstained from alcohol for the last 6 months to get into your bikini, so now you are taking advantage of being able to have things you like again- if that is a sex on the beach then what’s wrong with that?

A steady flow- At home you take advantage of the fact the you are off at weekends to pack in as much booze as possible- but on holiday there is a steady stream of naughty drinks so there is less of a need to go mad with your quantities. You find yourself actually enjoying and savouring your dinks more because there is no pressure to get them all in at the beginning of your trip!

Sea sickness- Some think that if you are feeling a bit woozy from the ship’s movements that a drink can counteract the sway and you don’t feel it as much! I don’t know how much truth is in that one but hey it’s a theory I’m willing to try!

Steph Curtin, Cruise Development Manager at, made the following comments regarding the findings of the study:

“Holidays, and in particular cruises, are a great excuse to lay back, relax and enjoy a drink (or five) with some of the most stunning views the World has to offer. It is all too easy to completely indulge and start drinking very early in the morning on a cruise, then let that behaviour continue throughout the duration of the trip. Although this may not be the healthiest option with regards to our livers and stomachs, I truly believe that indulgence is one of the key factors of enjoying life, and so a splurge such as this once a year on a cruise should be embraced, just as long as the behaviour doesn’t continue back on dry land! Everyone should drink responsibly and know their limits where alcohol is concerned.”



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