The International Spy Museum offers fun and useful knowledge too

The International Spy Museum offers fun and useful knowledge too

The International Spy Museum in Washington D.C opened its doors to the public on July 19 2002. Since then it has become a world-renowned place to visit for a fascinating insight into the life of a spy. And number one on the museum's top 10 things to see there is the Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond film, Goldfinger.

The museum's website reads:

"It is the only public museum in the United States solely dedicated to espionage and the only one in the world to provide a global perspective on an all-but-invisible profession that has shaped history and continues to have a significant impact on world events.

The Museum features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display. Many of these objects are being seen by the public for the first time. These artifacts illuminate the work of famous spies and pivotal espionage actions as well as help bring to life the strategies and techniques of the men and women behind some of the most secretive espionage missions in world history.

The mission of the International Spy Museum is to educate the public about espionage in an engaging way and to provide a context that fosters understanding of its important role in and impact on current and historic events. The Museum focuses on human intelligence and reveals the role spies have played in world events throughout history. It is committed to the apolitical presentation of the history of espionage in order to provide visitors with nonbiased, accurate information."

Watch the video below for more on what the museum has to offer visitors

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