Have you been jet packing?

Have you been jet packing?

JetLev Jet pack flying is unlike anything you've ever experienced. It's the sensation of weightlessness and soaring high above the ocean. It's being suspended three floors in the air with nothing above or below you. It's your childhood superhero dreams becoming reality.

The JetLev is tethered by a 30-foot hose to a small equipment watercraft with a high-volume propulsion pump using sea water as the propellant to provide lift. Intuitive flight controls allow individuals to pilot their own water-powered jet pack, learning to take off, fly, make soft turns, hover and land.

The Jet packing is based in Marathon, Florida Keys. This quaint tropical city is conveniently situated in the middle of the Keys island chain.

Located mainly on Vaca, Fat Deer, and Grassy Key, Marathon is a 10- mile-long family-oriented island community rooted in a heritage of fishing, and reflects the old-Keys lifestyle that residents, snowbirds and visitors enjoy so much.

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