Lying on the eastern coast of spain, the costa blance draws milions of tourists every year. Benidorm is still one of it's top destinations, as turquiose waters, sandy beaches and lively atmosphere draw families for a summer holiday in the sun.

Hordes of toursis throng the streets 24 hours a day. On the hunt for buckets and spades, the perfect gift for gran, or an ice cold beer and good entertainment.

With more restaurant, pubs, clubs and bars, than you could visit in a lifetime, here, Benidorm really does offer something for everyone.

Of course, it would never have developed the way it did if it weren't for the two wonderful sandy bays, and great views from the rocky promontory to Poniente and Levante beaches. Great safety records and good water quality attract young families for fun in the sun. Some 200'000 people a day pack themselves onto the 5km of beaches in the resort, so you'd better be up early in the morning if you want a good spot.

Unfortunately, may of the old world charms are hidden by the big resort spectacle. Old Benidorm can be found in the narrow streets behind the castle, where english bars are part of the scenery. Take your pick from countless small pubs in the C/Sant Vicent and other narrow streets nearby.

The Medieval Tournament on the outskirts of Benidorm offers feasting and merrymaking medieval-style for all ages. Armoured knights on horseback joust and duel before the king and queen. Sing along with court jesters, or descend into the Pit of Terror.

To see Benidorm at its biggest and brashest, head for Benidorm Palace where a glittering 3 hour, Las Vegas-style show awaits your delectation. Spanish dancers and flamenco, jugglers and magicians are just some of what’s in store, along with a live dance band/orchestra to fill in the gaps between acts. Show admission includes the first drink and you may also have dinner there if you wish.