Ditch the cocktails this summer and get active

Ditch the cocktails this summer and get active

We all love a holiday that allows us to laze on a beach 24/7 sipping cocktail after cocktail but this summer, why don't you swap your bikini for some hiking boots? Active holidays are not only a great way to keep fit but it also allows you to explore your destination.

Why should I go on an adventure holiday?

I get to try new things - Adventure holidays offer many oppurtunies for you to try new things from bungee jumping to water surfing. Being on holiday gives people the sense of freedom and they start to feel more confident about trying new things. We are away from our friends and we can create our own image whilst we are away. We feel like we can step out of our comfort zone with more ease. You also have a wider access to try out new activities as holiday camps often cater for these needs.

It will build my confidence - Once you have tried things that you thought you would never have the courage to do, such as skydiving and mountain climbing, anything else will seem easy in comparison. So no more worries about that big interview you have coming up or hangups about what to wear for an exciting date.

I will get to explore my destination - Although sitting on a beach sunbathing for two weeks may sound tempting, it does not allow you to fully explore your holiday spot. What better way to explore than climbing up the tallest mountain or taking a hike and finding that secret cave? You will get to know your destination better than ever before.

It is a great way to stay fit - Active holidays are a great way to stay fit and it sure beats the gym. There is always something new to do and you will never get bored of doing the same work out over and over again.

It is a great adrenaline rush - For all you adrenaline junkies out there, an active holiday is for you. From activities such as white-water rafting to freediving, an active holiday is sure to get the heart pumping. It is a great way to challenge yourself and will be a great conversation topic. And it will be a great thing to boast about to your friends.

By Claire Lancaster

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