Onesies are the fashion-focus of travellers

Onesies are the fashion-focus of travellers

If you’re one of the thousands of people passing through a UK airport this half term to escape the UK cold snap for some winter sun, you’re likely to witness a new trend sweeping the nation – travellers in Onesies.

Nick Clegg has one and A-list celebrities are adorning designer versions; it’s this year’s biggest retail success and now the onesie is our favourite travel outfit – becoming even bigger than the Shell Suit trend of the 80s.

The comfy adult romper originally designed to be worn in the privacy of your own home, has quickly become a hot fashion must-have. High fashion versions of the onesie appeared on catwalks and celebrities, including Brad Pitt and Rita Ora, have been seen sporting the popular loungewear in public.

So it’s no surprise that the all-in-one has become a popular choice for flying in. And in a recent poll by last minute holiday firm one in three of UK adults under 30 now favour the item as their ‘travel in’ outfit.

Calum Macdonald from said: “The Onesie is a huge fashion phenomenon and because of their comfort factor they’ve become a travel favourite - especially now celebrities are wearing them. 

“With the boom in low cost airlines and because more young Brits are travelling abroad, travel fashion has become more about comfort and practicality than dressing up.”

The survey of 2,000 adults aged 18-30, found that the onesie is most popular in the North West, with 39 per cent of Mancunians saying that it’s their top travel outfit and 40 per cent of Liverpudlians agreeing that comfort is key when it comes to travel clothes. 

While comfort was cited as the most popular reason for favouring the onesie, 38 per cent of those questioned wore it for fashion reasons. 

While 15 per cent of women said that they chose to wear a onesie to the airport after applying fake tan and, maybe not so surprisingly, five per cent of men do the same. Other reasons given were that you can easily strip off when you reach your destination. 

According to further research, one in eight adults now own a Onesie and 17 per cent of Brits splurged more than £50 on an adult onesie in the past year. 

Calum added: “Years ago people would wear their Sunday best to travel – because there was a certain amount of prestige around flying and going abroad – but these days it’s what’s in fashion.”

Another travel trend by the under thirties is wearing hair in rollers on the plane – 19 per cent of women questioned admitted to now doing this. 

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