There's nothing like a stunning view to brighten up your day

There's nothing like a stunning view to brighten up your day

It might be Monday morning and you might be at work but here are a collection of images that should make you suitably jealous but might also brighten up your day.

Image courtesy of Jean-Phillipe Cyr on Flickr

A part of the coastline on Majorca near Cap Formenta. This lush yet rugged stretch of coastline proves there is a lot more to the Balearic Island than busy bars and crowded beaches. This is the kind of think that the travel advisors at Co-op Travel recommend when booking a holiday to Majorca.

Image courtesy of yuggy15 on Flickr

If you’re sat in an office block the view might not be quite as impressive as this. This is the view of Dubai from the top of Burj Khalifa. It almost looks like a model, everything appears so pristine and clear.

Image courtesy of Mark Devine on Flickr

Mount Teide is one of the most magnificent natural wonders of Spain. Sat on Tenerife, here is a view of it from neighbouring La Gomera. The cloud formation gives the impression that the volcano is floating, which goes to demonstrate just how high it reaches into the sky.

Image courtesy of This World Rocks on Flickr

The Philippines are a wonderful collection of islands and rock formations that are cooled with clear blue waters. Island hoping around here is a seductive proposition. 

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